Wealth Creation Through Savings, Investments and Growth

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Author: Dr. Rajeev Babel

ISBN: 978-81-9416-358-4

Publishing Date: 2023

Publisher: Bharat Law House

Edition: 1st edn., 2023

No of Pages: 736

Vendor: Bharat Law House Pvt. Ltd.

About Wealth Creation Through Savings, Investments and Growth

Chapter 1        Introduction

Chapter 2        Importance of Money

Chapter 3        Sources of Income

Chapter 4        Expenditure Management

Chapter 5        Savings

Chapter 6        Preparation of Budget

Chapter 7        Financial Planning for Different Needs of Life Cycle & Approach to Achieve Financial Goals

Chapter 8        Savings Vs. Investments

Chapter 9        Rule of 72

Chapter 10      Effect of Compounding

Chapter 11      Life Insurance

Chapter 12      General Insurance

Chapter 13      Deposits with Private Business Firms/ Mahajans etc.

Chapter 14      Banking Products

Chapter 15      Investment in Post Office Products

Chapter 16      Investment in Government Securities

Chapter 17      Welfare Scheme of Central Government

Chapter 18      Investment in Mutual Funds

Chapter 19      Investment in Stock Market


Chapter 20      Investment in Company Deposits, Debentures and Bonds

Chapter 21      Investment in Gold Products

Chapter 22      Investment in Immovable Property

Chapter 23      Tax Savings Products under Income-tax Act, 1961

Chapter 24      Pension/Retirement Products and its Tax Treatments

Chapter 25      Avoid Investments in PONZI Scheme

Chapter 26      Documentation of Insurance, Investments, Borrowings and Others

Chapter 27     Estate Planning for Legal Heirs


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