The Frauditor by CA Bharat Jeswani

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The Frauditor : a Beginner’s Guide to Forensic Accounting & Fraud Investigations

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Author: CA Bharat Jeswani

ISBN: 978-93-9416-340-9

Publishing Date: 2023

Publisher: Bharat Law House

Edition: 1st edn., 2023

No of Pages: 400

Vendor: Bharat Law House Pvt. Ltd.


Chapter 1       Forensic Accounting Concept

Chapter 2       Understanding Evidence

Chapter 3       How can Auditors Detect Fraud

Chapter 4       Asset Misappropriation Schemes

Chapter 5       Financial Statement Fraud Schemes

Chapter 6       Kickback Schemes

Chapter 7       How to Deal with a Whistleblower Complain

Chapter 8       How to analyse data

Chapter 9       How to Prepare for Litigation

Chapter 10     Mistakes to Avoid

Chapter 11     The Art and Science of Interviewing

Chapter 12     Investigating Procedures

Chapter 13     Writing a Report

Chapter 14     Money Laundering Schemes

Chapter 15     Investigating Money Laundering

Chapter 16     Tools for Investigating Money Laundering

Chapter 17     FAIS Basic Principles

Chapter 18     FAIS Standards on Key Concepts

Chapter 19     FAIS Standards on Engagement Management

Chapter 20     FAIS Standards on Executing Assignments

Chapter 21     FAIS Standards on Reporting

Chapter 22     FAIS Standards on Quality Control

Chapter 23     FAIS Standards on Specialised Areas

Chapter 24     Case Summaries

Chapter 25     Sample Engagement Letter

Chapter 26     Investigation and Fraud Examination Report Extracts

Chapter 27     Internal Controls Sample


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