Law of Natural Justice, Judicial Review & Writs

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Author: D.P. Mittal

ISBN: 9789356032859

Publishing Date: 2023

Publisher:  Commercial Law Publishers

Edition: Aug 23

No of Pages: 696

Vendor: Commercial Law Publishers

About Law of Natural Justice, Judicial Review & Writs

Chapter 1—Introduction

Chapter 2—Rule of Law

Chapter 3—Judicial and Administrative Functions of the State

Chapter 4—Judicial Review – General Principles

Chapter 5—Jurisdiction-Lack of, Nullity, Illegality Irregularity

Chapter 6—Judicial Review – Judicial Control of Administrative Discretion

Chapter 7—Natural Justice – Concept and Features

Chapter 8 Natural Justice – Fair play and Fair hearing

Chapter 9—Audi Alteram Partem

Chapter 10—Bias – Nemo Debet Esse Judex in Propria Causa

Chapter 11—Speaking Order

Chapter 12—Legitimate Expectation

Chapter 13—Promissory Estoppel

Chapter 14—Burden of Proof

Chapter 15—Review and Rectification

Chapter 16—Revision

Chapter 17—Appeal

Chapter 18—Writs

Chapter 19—Writ of Mandamus

Chapter 20—Writs – Certiorari and Prohibition

Chapter 21—Judicial Review and Ousting of Civil Court Jurisdiction

Chapter 22—High Court Inherent Powers

Chapter 23—Interpretative Principles


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