International Financial Reporting Standards: Technical Guide for Professionals

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Wings to International Practices

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Author: CA Sachin Jain

Publishing Date: 2023

Publisher: Batuk Academy

Edition: October 2023 Edn.

No of Pages: 140

Language: English

Vendor: Batuk Academy

ABOUT International Financial Reporting Standards: Technical Guide for Professionals

Key Features:

In-Depth Coverage: Explore the intricacies of IFRS with a comprehensive examination of the standards, principles, and practices that govern international financial reporting. Gain a thorough understanding of the framework that underpins global financial transparency.

Real-World Applications: Bridge theory and practice with real-world applications of IFRS. The book provides practical examples and case studies that illustrate how these standards are applied in diverse business scenarios, enhancing your ability to implement them effectively.

Comprehensive Analysis: Delve into each IFRS standard with detailed analyses, interpretations, and expert commentary. Equip yourself with the tools to navigate complex reporting requirements and ensure compliance with global financial standards.

Transitioning to IFRS: Facilitate a seamless transition to IFRS with practical guidance on implementation strategies. Understand the challenges and opportunities associated with adopting international standards and learn best practices from global financial leaders.

Global Comparisons: Explore the similarities and differences between IFRS and other reporting frameworks. Gain insights into how international standards align with local regulations, providing a holistic view of financial reporting across borders.

Digital Transformation in Financial Reporting: Embrace the digital era with insights into how technology and automation are transforming financial reporting. Learn how to leverage digital tools for efficient compliance with IFRS, enhancing accuracy and reducing manual workload.

Audit and Assurance Considerations: Navigate the complexities of auditing under IFRS with dedicated chapters on audit and assurance. Understand the nuances of ensuring financial statements are presented fairly and in accordance with international standards.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Resources: Access a suite of online resources, webinars, and updates to stay abreast of the latest developments in IFRS. Engage in discussions, participate in training sessions, and continue your professional development journey with ongoing support.

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1 review for International Financial Reporting Standards: Technical Guide for Professionals

    N Chidambaram
    February 7, 2024
    Seems to be compiled handout materials issued to students . Out of 17 standards only 15 is explained. Will be useful if the same is updated.
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