CONTRACT ACT (Covering Contract-1 & Contract-2) by Dr. JYOTI RATTAN

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Author: by Dr. JYOTI RATTAN

ISBN: 978-93-93749-77-2

Publishing Date: 2022

Publisher: Bharat Law House Pvt. Ltd.

Edition: 4th edn., 2022

No of Pages: 576

Vendor: Bharat Law House Pvt. Ltd.

About CONTRACT ACT (Covering Contract-1 & Contract-2)

Unit I

Law of Contract-1

Chapter 1      Formation of Contract and Proposal

Chapter 2      Acceptance

Chapter 3      Revocation

Chapter 4      Standard Contracts, Adhesion or Boilerplate Contract

Chapter 5      Types of Agreements and Contract

Chapter 6      Capacity to Contract

Chapter 7      Free Consent: Coercion

Chapter 8      Undue Influence

Chapter 9      Fraud

Chapter 10    Misrepresentation

Chapter 11    Nature of Contract where Consent is Caused by Coercion, Fraud and Misrepresentation

Chapter 12    Mistake

Chapter 13    Consideration

Chapter 14    Unlawful Consideration

Chapter 15    Void Agreements

Chapter 16    Contingent Contracts

Chapter 17    Discharge of Contract: Performance of Contract

Chapter 18    Discharging the Contract by Breach

Chapter 19    Impossibility and Illegality

Chapter 20    Discharge by Agreement and Novation

Chapter 21    Obligation of Person who has received Advantage under Voidable & Void Contract and Miscellaneous Provisions

Chapter 22    Quasi contracts

Chapter 23    Damages

Unit II

Law of Contract-2

Chapter 1      Indemnity

Chapter 2      Guarantee

Chapter 3      Bailment

Chapter 4      Pledge

Chapter 5      Agency

Chapter 6      Lien


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